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Five Fun Facts!

Who's up for a few fun facts about yours truly?!

I just had a baby! 
Is this old news yet? Because she's a pretty big deal. Charlie Grace was born a week ago today at 8 pounds, 12.5 ounces. She brings this crew to a party of four!

I'm an ELL teacher, turned stay at home mom. 
I don't enjoy most homemaker responsiblities. I can meal plan like woah, but cooking sucks. I hate cleaning but do it out obligation. I miss the lesson planning and cutie prep that goes along with teaching so I LOVE creating products for Teachers Pay Teachers and for Tot School (my newest adventure) with my own kiddo. And I LOVE LOVE being home with my two favorite littles!

I'm an introvert
For real. Like to the extreme. I'm zero percent shy and looove talking, but being around people gives me anxiety and is incredibly exhausting. Generally only other people who share this juxtaposed personality understand where I'm coming from. It takes actual emotional preparation for me to be around people. Don't spring a last minute girls night out on me. That's not my idea of fun.

My husband is my best friend & favorite person.
He's the best husband ever. Sorry to all the other hubs out there. We've been together for 6.5 years. Our first date was skydiving! We had the most perfect wedding on a farm in East Tennessee (4 years ago). We've got Beckett (21 months) and Charlie Grace (1 week) and live a pretty charmed life. 

I have a passion for girls realizing their worth
I have a history of self esteem issues, especially regarding dating relationships and body image, but God has really blessed me with opportunities to learn and grow in those areas. My heart aches for girls who have yet to realize they are fearfully & wonderfully made and women of worth. (Ps. 139:14 & Prov. 3:15). Don't get me started. I'll preach. Then cry.

And that's me! Thank's Blog Hoppin for hosting! Have fun learning about some fabulous teachers this week, and check back throughout the week for fun new posts!

4 comments on "Five Fun Facts!"
  1. You are superwoman!!! I saw your Facebook post of you working right after you had Charlie Grace haha. Girl, you're amazing! I am 100% with you on girls not knowing their worth. The last breakup I went through was a HUGE eye opener and made me fall in love with who I am (as weird as that sounds haha). I am so grateful it happened and my heart breaks for girls who get stuck/put up with unhealthy relationships, not realizing their worth. Great post!
    Maternelle avec Mme Andrea

  2. Look at your precious kids!!! I am intrigued by Tot School! Thank you linking up with us, I loved reading about you! :)

  3. Being an introvert is one of my things as are right, it takes one to know one!

  4. I'm also a former teacher turned stay at home mom. Isn't it the best job in the world!?!? Sounds like you stay pretty busy!

    Thanks for sharing!