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An AUGUST Yesterday, Today, & Tomorrow

I love new linkies! And I love awesome bloggers branching out and starting new linkies! Today I'm linking up for a brand new linky by my blogger buddy Elaine, at The SchoolHouse. Her new linky is "Yesterday, Today, & Tomorrow," which is an opportunity for us to reflect on the work we're doing and share with you some must have goodies for your classroom! :) 

Each month, I'll get to share with you 3 products: 1) A "Yesterday" product: one of my oldies but goodies that I've given a recent face lift to! 2) a "Today," which is a newbie in my store; and 3) a "Tomorrow" which is a sneak peek at something coming up soon!
One of my very first products I ever loaded to my store was my War of 1812 timeline practice. To this day, it is a customer favorite. It's a simple pack with a passage about the War of 1812 and then a one page reading comprehension & timeline practice. My style & skills have come a long way in the last 2 years, so it was time for a change! Oldie is on the left, Newbie is on the right! 

One of my new projects for this year is to up the number of informational text packets I have available. They're a huge need in the classroom today and I just want to supply primary and intermediate teachers with easy, no-prep options for their informational text practice. 

This is one of my new primary informational text packs. Each month's pack has 6 no-prep passages with 3 comprehension questions each. The printables are appropriate for primary grades, and for added no-prep differentiation, I provided them in fill-in-the-blank and multiple-choice formats. 

Alrighty. So for my tomorrow, I'm going to get reeeeeaaalll vulnerable with you all and tell you I'm a LITTLE nervous to let this sneak peek happen. But we're all friends here, right?! (I hope). Problem is: working on these Magic Tree House packs has been a ginormous dream of mine for SO. LONG! I love love love MTH and love love love novel studies!!!

I decided to start with Mummies in the Morning because I also LOVE LOVE LOVE Egyptian history and culture. The problem is: I've been working on this pack for SO. LONG. and have not had the time to finish it!

I want to be intentional about the pack being easy to use, and with very meaningful content. Of course, that process takes time.

 I'm also introducing task cards to this pack, which is a new feature I don't use often, but love when other teachers do!

So stay tuned, because now that I've said it out loud, I've got to get this pack completed!! :)

And that's all! Thanks to The School House for motivating me to reflect on what I'm working on! If you would like to see some other fabulous products, or would like to link up, head on over to The School House. 

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  1. Thank you so much for linking up!! I love the way that you did it and how well it turned out. Thanks again and I hope to see you at future "Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow" link-ups!!