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18 Ways to use Calendars in your Classroom!

This week I’m working on a 2014-2015 set of themed, printable calendars! To help with some ideas for fabulous ways to use these (or other!) calendars in your classroom, here are 18 Ways to use Calendars in your Classroom!

1.       Adding and subtracting days, including fun phrases like “Halloween minus Joe’s birthday”
2.    Center games: laminate and use as a game board.
3.     Comparing numbers: greater than, less than, etc.
4.    Count downs
5.     Days of the week practice
6.    Display birthdays, holidays, & other special days.
7.    Displaying special schedules: show and tell, line leader, etc.
8.     Display homework, standards, or lesson topics for students.
9.     Individual Behavior Tracking – put in take home folder and update daily
10.   Number line alternative
11.      Ordinal numbers practice
12.   Practicing word problems: “The strawberries will be ready to pick six weeks from today. What day can we begin picking strawberries?”
13.    Role play! Practice setting appointments & making plans. Great for English Language Learners.
14.   Rotation activity like “Scoot”
15.    Sequencing verbiage: before, after, earlier, later, yesterday, today, then, etc.
16.   Track moon phases or weather
17.   Word of the day planner.
18.    Question of the day – great for morning work & journaling.

What other ways have you used calendars in your classroom? I’d love to hear more ideas!

To get you started with your calendar fun, here's a fall freebie! Even better, I'll be giving away a full year of calendars soon, so make sure you like my Facebook page to be kept in the loop!