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What's In Your Cart?! BTS Linky Party

**Aug 6 Update: So many great bloggers out there are sharing the TPT love and chatting about our favorites! This post was originally linked up with The Speech Room News, but Promoting Success is partying it up with some chitter chatter about awesome products too, so this post is now linked up with two lovely bloggers! Thanks Promoting Success, for welcoming me to your linky!

AAAAHH!!! It's TPT Back to School SALE TIME!! This has to be the most brilliant and dangerous two days of the year for teachers everywhere. I have so many plans and hopes for this school year and while I'm fully aware that my to do list is longer than my Fall schedule will tolerate, I'm still giddy excited for a new year and new goals!

Today I'm linking up with The Speech Room News for her What's in Your Cart? Linky Party! With this Linky, we get a sneak peek at what other teachers are wishing for (just in case we need to add a couple more things to our wish lists!), plus I get to share a few exciting items that will be on sale in my store!

If you haven't done so yet, MARK YOUR CALENDAR! The TPT sale will go live Monday morning and run through Tuesday (August 3 & 4). You'll need to use Promo Cote BTS15 to get an extra 10% off everything on their site! That means you'll get up to 28% off of participating teachers' stores! WOO!

On Sale in My Store:
Well, my ENTIRE STORE will be on sale! Whaaaat?! :) YAY! So excited about that! But here are a few must have items to get your year started!

My Informational Text Packs are in the works. August will be up and ready TOMORROW, and the rest are coming SOON! For this sale, I'm excited to announce my VERY FIRST GROWING BUNDLE! Catch the whole year's set now at an AMAZING PRICE! 

My Main Idea & Detail + Evidence pack is my MOST POPULAR ITEM in my store. I'm a big fan of graphic organizers, guys. They're a MUST HAVEIncluded in this pack are four variations of my Main Idea & Details + Evidence graphic organizers, made to suit any grade or ability level.

This Jumbo Activity Pack is loaded with 25 pages of no-prep practice! Grab it now while it's 28% off! This is a great set to work into units, or to have on stand by for subs and emergency situations. [Appropriate for Intermediate Grades].

My Wish List Items:
And now for my wish list goodies! My wish list is REALLY LONG. Most of my items are from the FABULOUS Ms. Krista Wallden with Creative Clips Clipart. I love using her beautiful work on my products. I have big plans for new products, mostly geared toward reading comprehension & graphic organizer work this year, with a huge focus on Common Core skills.

Eeeee!!! I can't wait to stock up on these three sets!!! Isn't her work fabulous?! If you don't know Krista Wallden's work, you absolutely need to check her out. 

With these I will be updating & adding to my writing centers, releasing a brand new informational text pack, & turning out graphic organizer practice galore (main idea & detail, problem & solution, timeline practice, and more!). I'm giddy excited ya'll.

What' on your wish list? Link up with us by heading over to The Speech Room News & don't forget to find me on Facebook & Instagram so we can stay connected all year! :)

The True Story of My Mommy Son Date Today

I wrote this post for my personal blog, but wanted to share the love with my #TeacherMom friends too. :) 

This week has been crazy busy. I've been working hard to keep up with my #TeacherMom blog and social media accounts, plus of course updating and adding to my store all in preparation for back to school. Brian has been out of town at a conference for his new business. So, Little Man has been pretty much on his own. He's good at that. He's an independent kiddo and mostly doesn't mind keeping himself entertained, but I wanted to try and be intentional about having some quality time together this morning so I had the brilliant idea of taking him on a date.

This was my Facebook post this afternoon.