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Genres Interactive Bulletin Board

I'm back at it! Last month, I shared the bulletin board my bestie "let" me do for Black History Month. If you missed it, here's what you need to know: I'm a SAHM who loves to create and my best friend is a teacher with one million other things to do, so I got to create THIS beaut for her February board! It was such a hit with teachers and student alike, that I decided for March I would follow the same format. Why reinvent the wheel, amiright?!

This month, we're switching gears and focusing on Genres. I chose this theme because it's applicable across grade levels so it can be appropriate for lots of kiddos in the hallway. Plus, it's a great topic to review before those dreaded ever-anticipated standardized tests roll around!

I present to you my What's That Genre? bulletin board!

Like last months board, this board has interactive flaps with a question on the outside and the answer on the inside. Half of the twenty flaps for this board have a title and description of a book. The students use both to decide which genre they think it fits in!

Also like last month's board, I incorporated word scramble cards, where the students will use the scrambled letters + a description of the genre to determine the genre. These make up the other 10 cards.

The ten genres included are: Folktales, Fairy Tales, Nonfiction, Autobiography, Fantasy, Poetry, Historical Fiction, Fable, Realistic Fiction, and Mystery.

Finally, of course, the set includes the extra little tid bits you'll need to bring the board together: The "Name That Genre" title letters, the "Identifying Genres" poster! I'm looking forward to seeing the kiddos interact with this one as much as they did with last month's!

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3 comments on "Genres Interactive Bulletin Board"
  1. Hi,
    Is your genre interactive bulletin board available for purchase?

  2. Hi Denise,
    I too would like to purchase your Genres Interactive Bulletin Board. Let me know.