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March Book Box Bonanza!

The book situation is out of control in our house. Seriously. If I would stop buying books and donate that money instead, I could probably feed the children of a small country. But the addiction is real and there are way too many stinkin' cute books that we have yet to own! On the plus side, my kids will be well-read.

Every month or so [sometimes less, sometimes more] I go through all of our books and pull out books to "highlight" that month. The dream is to eventually get one of those fancy book display shelves that you find in classrooms, but I can't seem to find one in white and I really don't have a place to put it anyway. For now, my kiddos have a book box.

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To me, it's super important that I rotate the books in the book box. I do this for a couple of reasons:

1. It gives me an opportunity to highlight certain skills or vocabulary. This month, we're talking about Saint Patrick's Day, Noah's Ark, and Rainbows! All of our books will support the same ideas and vocabulary, because they are all based on one of those topics. This is important for littles because repetition is key!

2. It means I'll eventually (hopefully) make sure that all of the books on our shelves are read! Of course, kids have their favorite books, so if they're always the ones choosing, we'd never make it to the rest of them! Now, I don't require the kids choose books from the book box. That would be silly. However, because they are prominently displayed, and because I always pick from here when it's my turn to choose, these books get read most often throughout the month.

March's book box is a bit overwhelmed! I had so many books that they don't all even fit into our little box (which I'm thinking means I really do need that shelf). It's definitely a good problem to have! Thankfully, both of my kiddos are book OBSESSED and get just as giddy as I do over these crazy fun stacks!

This month, I've got a great variety of books for you to add to your March arsenal. I'm going to highlight my top three (which seriously were incredibly hard to choose) and then link the rest below so that you can check them out for yourselves!

Noah's Ark by Katherine Sully

I cannot even express to you how much I love Sully's ENTIRE series of Bible stories. They're BEAUTIFULLY illustrated, well-written, and a perfect combination of factual & informative with accessible, easy to understand. They are still a bit above Beckett's comprehension level, but the story + illustrations still provide PLENTY for us to talk about.

We own the entire series, but we got the SET on Groupon for $24! Since then I've seen them and bought them for $17 for the whole set. I buy a couple sets at a time and gift them. Make sure you look! They're SO PERFECT.

This book's illustrations offer a lot of great conversation about the story of Noah's Ark. If you have a preschooler to teach this story to, you won't regret this buy!

I've got to admit, I remember being so enthralled by There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Fly that I had pretty high hopes for this book and was actually kind of disappointed at some of the "rhymes." I felt like the author fell short just a tiny bit. HOWEVER, this one turned out to be SUCH A HIT in my house that it made #2 on this very long book list! Beckett is smitten with this book. We read it multiple times a day and he hasn't even started to loose interest. 

One thing I really have enjoyed (other than the obvious) is that this month we're talking about "real" and "pretend" and this book was the PERFECT opportunity to broach the vocabulary. We talked about "did she REALLY eat those things?" Beckett has regularly informed me since, "That's just pweetend!" 

What Makes It Rain, from Usborne Books
So I bought this book in an attempt to fulfill my obligatory purchase at one of the SEVEN. MILLION Facebook Usborne parties I've been invited to. People. BEST. OBLIGATORY PURCHASE. EVER. We have actually only made it a couple of pages into this book and we LOVE it! I love the flaps and discussing the concepts with Beckett. He's learned that rainbows are made from light and that rain falls when the clouds get too heavy and so many other fun facts that I just didn't expect my THREE year old to learn.

The book has a full, flap & fact-filled page on rain, rainbows, the sun, lightning & thunder, the wind, and snow. SO MANY fun questions answered.

Grab this book. You'll be glad you did.

Ok. That is a LOT of information on three little books and I just can't bear to make you read through TWELVE MORE so I've got a photo grid for ya!! The grid of links are in preferential order starting with the ones I recommend the most! Check them out and then comment below: what books are you grabbing? And which of YOUR March favorites should I add to my list? I'm always up for book shopping!

2 comments on "March Book Box Bonanza!"
  1. Ohhh I've never seen Lucky Tucker! Adding it to our library list :) These look like some great choices. Isn't Magic Colors cool?!

    1. OMG. Lucky tucker is CUUTE and SIMPLE and SILLY! All the best things! It's seriously the most basic plot-line ever (if you can even call it that), so I was so entertained with how much I liked it! :) Kinley will love it!
      Magic colors IS cool! Beckett is smitten with flipping the pages back and forth! Totally glad we added that one to this month's list!