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Resurrection Egg Garland & Other EGG-cellent Easter Ideas!

Easter is quickly approaching & I'm grateful for the potent reminders this season brings. In this family we are BIG fans of bunnies and eggs and baskets [check out our EPIC Easter baskets here!]. However, we feel strongly that it's super important that we are intentional about making Easter about Christ's resurrection. Can you think of a more FABULOUS reason to celebrate?

For Christmas this year, I was really grateful I had chosen to do an advent activity! It seems appropriate to do the same for Easter, so I decided I would combine the popular idea of Resurrection Eggs with something that I could hang for daily reminders. I came up with Resurrection Egg Garland! The garland has 12 eggs that the kiddos decorated on the outside. On the inside, there is a clipart image and a scripture reference.

My plan for delivery is super simple: Each day, starting 12 days before Easter (Easter being the 12th day), we will reference one garland egg and dive into that specific part of the Easter story. I plan to read directly from my Bible and then tell the story in my own words, using images from our Easter books. I plan to use some sort of object or experience to to make each story slightly more concrete. For example, I'll let them taste vinegar or touch the point of nail. By Easter, the kiddos will have heard the entire Easter story, probably a dozen or more times! That's it!

To simplify this process for you, I created a downloadable file! Aaand it's FREE! I hope this activity helps guide your family though the greatest story ever! And I'd LOVE to see how YOURS turns out! Make sure to connect with us on Facebook and Instagram!

One more thing:

Today, I'm linking up with some other bloggy buddies to bring you several EGG-CELLENT ideas for Easter fun with your littles! Just click on the photos to read more from these creative mommy bloggers!!

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2 comments on "Resurrection Egg Garland & Other EGG-cellent Easter Ideas!"
  1. I LOVE this! What a great way to make sure and incorporate our Savior into the holiday. I am excited for the free printable. My oldest son is constantly talking about Heavenly Father, Jesus and heaven. I think he will love this!

  2. This is a wonderful learning tool. It's bright & fun, but still helps little ones process Biblical concepts. Love it!