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Valentine's Day Game Board!

It's time for Valentine's Day goodies! I was so excited to see this adorable clip art set by Creative Clips, and had so much fun putting this little set together and brainstorming ideas for use. Get your set here!

There are two game boards included, to suit different styles & preferences for your center materials!

You can pull out your dice or play with the spinner sets. I recommend the spinners for the lower numbers on these short game boards.

The best part is this fun little set can be adapted for any skills you are currently working in your classroom! Print as many sets of cards as you need to accommodate all of those important skills.

You may want to number your cards and list your answers on a fun Valentine's Themed page (like from this set!) for students to self check.

Here are just a few skills I thought of for using the game board and cards:

  • Spelling or sight words 
  • Vocabulary words & Definitions
  • Math Facts
  • States & Capitals
  • Digital & Analog Time
  • Place Value
  • Parts of Speech
I would love to hear what ways you thought of to use this set!