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Five for Friday: August 21

Yay! It's Friday!! Actually, it's Wednesday. I'm writing this a couple days early because HOPEFULLY I'm holding a fresh new baby. We'll see. Doc says she's happy in there. Darn my awesome uterus. ;) Regardless, I didn't want to miss out on the fun! Thanks DoodleBugs for Hosting!

Well, I tend to spontaneously jump into things. Randomly, I have an idea and next thing you know I'm spending my week chasing it. This week, that idea was Tot SchoolI decided on Monday that I am going to do Tot School and spent all day Monday & Tuesday making plans, running errands, and assembling materials. September's theme is "Things That Go" and I'm SUPER EXCITED ABOUT IT!

I had everything organized and pretty, but my son found the box and has already started to dig in. Hopefully he continues to enjoy it! 

I'll be posting updates on our adventures on Tuesdays [Get it? Tot School Tuesday? Cute, right? ;)]

I'm obsessed with Stitch Fix and I haven't even started my monthly fix yet!! Have you heard of this awesomeness? They get all of your info from you, including your style preferences, then they assign you A PERSONAL SYLIST.

I'm DYING! Your stylist takes into consideration your preferences, budget, needs, etc. And then sends you a box of five goodies every month. You get to keep (and then pay for) whatever you love, and then send back whatever you don't.

Since I'm currently GINORMOUS, I'm waiting a little bit to start getting my fixes, but I AM SO EXCITED!! If you're interested, you should use my referral code!!! PRETTY PLEASE. ;) And let me know how your fixes turn out! I plan to share mine once I finally get to hop on the bandwagon.

Do you ever just come accross a complete stranger who totally inspires you? This week (and before that, too) one of those people for me is Caleigh Haber. 

Caleigh is fighting Cystic Fibrosis & End Stage Lung disease (I'm not sure if I'm using that term right. Maybe CF = ESLD?). Anyway, she has a Facebook page called Fight2Breathe. She is ALWAYS just so positive and encouraging and it's really uplifting to see her battle this with such an amazing outlook on life.
Most of her posts include inspirational quotes about life and strength and happiness. She is ALWAYS smiling, even though she's been waiting for new lungs for over a year.
I totally encourage you to check her out. She's on Instagram too.

I got to pack for Charlie this week. How many outfits does a little girl need for 2 days in the hospital? Do you think 8 is enough?

I still have some shopping to do before she arrives. I can't wait til she's bigger and walking so that the clothes cuteness can really kick in. 

I follow these mini models Ever and Eva on Instagram. GAH. The CUTENESS! It is not helping witih my desire to doll up little missy.

I mean, really though. Where do I sign up?

I posted a fun (and practical) new freebie in my store this week! They're questioning cards for your classroom.

I wanted to create a practical tool to support my blog post from Monday's Building Back to School Linky on Language Tools

The freebie pack includes 7 questioning cards and ideas for over 50 thought provoking questions to get you started with conversations in your classroom! :) You can check them out in my store by clicking here!

And that's five! I hope you had an awesome week and have an even better weekend!
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  1. Hope she arrives soon! :) Your school theme for September sounds fun!
    Inquiring Our Way Through Third Grade

  2. What a fun post! I'm hoping your baby has arrived by now!

    Learning at the Teacher Table

  3. Love reading your posts! Hope Miss Charlie has made her grand entrance!