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Small Goals: September

Last month, I decided to link up with Jennifer, from the Yellow Brick Road, for her new Small Goals monthly linky. I love love love this concept so much because, as we all know, it's so important to set goals! I always have a running to do list for projects I'm working on and grown-up things that need to be done, but I'm really liking the idea of setting specific concrete goals that are both work and non-work related. So here I am again, linking up for Setpember small goals!

First, a look back on how I did on my August Small Goals:

Finish the nursery
Finish thank you cards
Cross off one more bucket list item
Update September Products in My Store (half finished)

For September, I have one main goal, with lots of subgoals. My main goal is to take control of my daily & weekly schedule. I'm a WAHM (and an introvert) and my husband is self-employed, plus we have TWO (yikes, that number just doubled) kids, so it's very easy for us to lose our days in work + parenting and not take time for ourselves or each other. So I created THIS lovely:

This is a shot from the first (and only) week I did this calendar. I'm pretending like this week doesn't exist because, well, our life is a liiiittle abnormal with the whole newborn situation. But NEXT WEEK, when we work toward normalcy, here are my goals:

Have coffee with my hubs several times a week. We're hoping/planning to wake up in the morning before we work, and before the toddler wakes, and just enjoy a few minutes of coffee together.

Schedule at least one play date for Beckett. Being an introvert & home body, it's very easy for me to ignore the outside world. But I like to be intentional about Beckett getting out and about.

Get out, alone (without my hubs or kid), once a week. For non-work/chore related reasons. Just to de-stress, or clear my head, or enjoy life. :) The goal is to just go get coffee, go for a walk, go shopping (for fun stuff, not groceries), get a mani pedi, have a girls night, etc. Same goal for Brian. Because we need time to ourselves!

Meal Plan. Because then we don't eat eggs every night.

Keep Up with Daily Chores. Because #WAHMlife.

And I think that's about enough! Check back in October to see if any of it held up. ;) Follow me on Blog Lovin to keep up!
1 comment on "Small Goals: September"
  1. Oh my, you and I are a lot alike in our introverted tendencies! I work from home, and I too make a point to go out at least once a week for coffee or just window-shopping. It's nice to just be able to get out and away from my computer screen every once in a while :)