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Five for Friday! One Happy Week!

Happy Friday! I hope you've had a fabulous week filled with as much joy and goodness as I have! Here's some happy randomness from this week!

I've been a mom of two for 11 days now! Charlie Grace is sweet and snuggly. She's healthy, loooves to eat, sleeps like a champ (so far), makes the BEST facial expressions, and likes to be very very warm. Weirdo.

Beckett is FINALLY starting to come around. We had quite the adjustment period when Charlie first came home. I wasn't sure I would survive. But here I am! Still kickin.

It's [almost] fall and I'm STINKIN EXCITED! This week my mom and I ventured out to Hobby Lobby & I'm stocking up on DIY goodies & taking notes on ideas for fun projects. Stay tuned for some DIY goodness!

I've also been working on all of my fall makeovers & new products. Just the thought of cool weather and pumpkin everything is making me giddy. Is it time to start fall units yet?!?!

Remember that time that my baby brother and his awesome wifey FLEW into town for 24 hours just to overhaul the nursery?! Well, THIS WEEK,  they surprised me with reservations at a local wine bar and paid for my hubs and I to have a date night! WHAT?! I should have babies more often! I'm feeling so spoiled!!

This week, little man started back to "school." It's actually just Parents' Day Out, but for Beckett's sake, we call it "school." :) He got to move up to the two year old room for this year, and I can't even believe how entertained I am by every. single. aspect. The cute little crafts, the cute little chairs, the cute little friends. Everything is cute. and little. [Except my kid, who now seems so big. TIME! STOP GOING SO FAST!]

Last week, for Tot School Tuesday, I mentioned my newest addition to my September Tot School Pack. This week, little man and I finally got a chance to try out our new cards. I love them, and so did Beckett! You can grab my Things That Go Tot School pack and these Color Cards for FREE in my store until September 22. 

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