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Five For Friday: Sep 11

Happy Friday Everyone! Welcome to Five For Friday, where I get to share five random things from my week!

Today is 9/11. (You knew that). I know most people are as in awe as I am that it happened so long ago and the memories are so vivid. It also is crazy to me that my kids will only learn about it in text books the way that I learned about my grandfathers' historical events & wars. Crazy talk.

The memories of this and the photo here hit a little closer to home now that my baby brother is a fire fighter. I can't imagine knowing he was in one of those buildings. My heart physically hurts just thinking about it. Sending prayers to the families still affected. The youngest kiddos would be in high school now. 

I have LOVED working on my newest project: primary informational text packets. This week I just finished October's pack! Fall is my favorite, so it was really exciting to know that it's time to work on all things October & Fall!

If you own my growing bundle, it's been updated with this pack and is ready to re-download! If you DON'T own my growing bundle, here's a big ol hint! There maaaay be a surprise pack added this month! When it hits, the price will go up, so grab it now!

It's time for fall everything. Including my #FallYall Linky, coming up in a couple weeks. Mark your calendars and link up! I'm so excited!

I've been reading Jen Hatmaker's new book, For the Love
It's. SO. Flippin. GOOD.
Go grab it now. Now. Right now.

This little girl is almost 3 weeks old now. GAH! How did that happen? She's sleeping decently enough, eats like there's three of her, and has the sassiest, most entertaining, laugh out loud facial expressions.

Nana & Papa are taking big bro to his great grandparents' house for the weekend so it's just the girls! I'm excited to snuggle this one, and get in some MUCH NEEDED time to regroup!

And that's five!! Happy weekend, all!

3 comments on "Five For Friday: Sep 11"
  1. Hi Denise,
    She's getting so big! I also love Fall and have enjoyed adding some new Fall products to my store and updating others. My favorite time of year! I love Jen Hatmaker and will have to check out that book. My sisters and I are reading and discussing Girl Talk right now by her so I'll add it to my list. Enjoy your weekend! New ones are fun but exhausting. Take it easy there new mama!
    Joya :)

  2. Look at that precious little face! I love the way your reading passages turned out. I'll be back to check out your Fall Y'all linky!
    Stories by Storie

  3. She's beautiful! What a doll! I know you will enjoy your "girl time" this weekend. :) I'm looking forward to your Fall Linky party. I'll check back for more info!