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Tot School: Fall Y'All

Are you loving Tot School?! I've had such great feedback and ideas from Mommies & Pre-School teachers everywhere! If you haven't jumped on board yet with your littles, I highly recommend giving it a try. I LOVE having specific topics and activities to explore with my little man (22 months). And while the idea may seem intimidating, Tot School is really just about making time to be intentional with YOUR kid in a way that suits YOUR family. Do what works for you!

If you're just joining us, here are a couple notes to catch you up on MY Tot School journey:
- Beckett is currently 22 months. Around 17 months we started being more intentional about teaching letter names. You can read more about how I taught the alphabet here.
- We started Tot School Last month with a few specific goals in mind, including a lot of flexibility! You can read about the start of my journey here.
- September's theme was "Things That Go." You can read more about that plan here. Or just go ahead grab my materials pack here. 
- Tot School is about doing what works for YOU and YOUR TOT! So take what works for your kiddo, and leave the rest behind! Make sure you're having fun with it!

So last week I briefly introduced my October Tot School Plans! Later in the week, as I was completing my packet, I decided to make some revisions! So today I just wanted to show you what's in my October Tot School pack, which is TEMPORARILY FREE in my store! Grab it here!

The first change I made was to the vocabulary words. I decided I wanted to add a few more and take away the colors (which I would be working on anyway). There are 12 total cards in the set. Remember to do what works for you though! If you feel like 4 is enough, stick with those! Check out this post for some interactive games to use with your cards.

I plan on using the "ball" card instead of the "football" card, but wanted to include both for those tots that can handle the more complex pronunciation.

When I'm choosing my words, I'm also looking at beginning sounds. I want to focus on about 4 letters per month and have cards to go along with those letters. 

Remember to use the cards for whatever skills are appropriate for your Tot! You could focus on names, sounds, blends or word families, writing, etc. The letters for this month are A, B, P, & S. For each letter, I've included two letters cards with the appropriate photos.

Just like last pack, I also made these plain letter pages for each of our focus letters. There are a lot of ideas for using these other than just coloring! Get creative! Hopefully I'll get a chance to share some of mine with you too. Last month, we used our dotter, which Beckett adored!

New this month are these spelling cards. The pack includes 6 total cards, with 3 and 4 letter words. We plan to use these with our letter beads. I'll make sure to share anything else we come up with!

Finally, this month I decided to add in some number cards! Last month we touched on counting a little, and Beckett did great! In my October materials pack, I included these cute leaf cards. 

If you head over and grab my Fall Cards Pack, you'll have the option of apples or pumpkins too! Or mix them all together!! 

While you're working on numbers, don't forget to grab my FREE counting mats!

What do YOU have planned for your October Tot School?! Do you have any fabulous activities that you'd love to share? I ADORE hearing from other teachers and mommies out there. If you've got a Tot School blog post you'd like to share, please link up!

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