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Tot School Tuesday: Things That Go, Continued

Welcome back to Tot School Tuesday! If you’re just joining us, you can check out the previous few weeks here:

Beckett and I are having a BLAST working on our Things That Go activities together. So far, we haven’t stuck to much of a schedule. I just pull out an activity whenever we’re looking for something to do (which is often).

Here’s a look at some of our activities we worked on this week:

Sticker Station

I think this was my favorite activity all week! Sticker Station required a little assistance from the mommy. He needed help getting the stickers started when peeling them off of their sheets, but he slowly improved. I got the idea from No Time For Flashcards.

I used wrapping paper instead of butcher paper because it’s what I had on hand. While we peeled and stuck, we talked about our vocabulary & colors. I chose not to try and count with him because there was no pattern to where the stickers were on the paper.

Pom Pom Sort

Last week I mentioned that we had to make some modifications to our Pom Pom sort game plan and I decided to make some themed color cards to use. This week I got them printed and laminated and LOVE how they turned out! You can grab these free in my store until September 22.

During this activity I let Beckett play with the whole stack of cards, then we picked six, practiced the names, and laid them out to sort. I mentioned two weeks ago that I learned to limit options so I picked the 3 colors he knows and added 3 more. I also picked out the pom poms that match the colors instead of just dumping the whole bag.

Obviously, we all know what our own kiddos can handle. I’ve actually been pretty surprised at how much Beckett has learned already and how well he’s catching on! These little people are impressive!

Alphabet Coloring Sheets

These coloring sheets are in my Things That Go Materials Pack! (Free until Sept 22).

You could totally get creative with how you use these. We started with tracing the C with our finger, and then moving to markers. Of course we talked about the colors, letter & sound, and vocabulary word. We also worked on holding the marker correctly, but he wasn’t a fan.

Line Em Up Letter Tracing

For this activity, I intended to use small items (beads, beans, etc.) & have Beckett line them up on the letters. Instead, because he’s so fond of this dotter, we used it to dot on the lines.  It was less messy and still a great fine motor practice. Of course we talked about the letter & sound, and the vocabulary word.

Vehicle Line Up

This activity is super simple. Find a line, or use tape or chalk to make one on the floor/ground. Then let your Tot drive & line up his cars on the line! Beckett had fun putting his cars end to end. Then we practiced counting them as he added more.

Of course, I forgot to snap a shot when he was actually using a line. I caught him playing on his rug, half naked, complete with a puppy butt photo bomb. I was excited to see him lining up his cars and counting them on his own though! Thanks for paying attention, kiddo.

Wagon Ride

It was a billion degrees out this week, and I’m recovering from a C-Section, so I was zero percent interested in heading out for a long walk. Nana is staying with us, though, and she’s committed to getting in her steps (she’s a FitBit groupie) so she and Beckett headed out for several walks this week. On one, they pulled out the wagon for a chance to check off one of our “Adventures.” While they were out, they spotted cars & trucks, talked about the colors, etc.

It was a full week for us! How did Tot School go for you this week? I would love to see what you and your little have going on. Feel free to link up below to share your adventures! And make sure to check out Tot School's blog for more Tot School ideas!

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