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Beckett's Summer Bucket List

Beckett is at that fun & exciting (albeit exhausting) age when he’s thrilled by opportunities to run his little legs and explore the world around him. This is Beckett’s last summer as an only child and his first summer as a toddler, so to celebrate, he (and by he I mean I) decided we need a STL Summer Bucket List! We hope to hit as many of these as possible as we get to know our (relatively) new city and enjoy some Beckett time!

I like the idea of having a list because it helps me focus. This way, hopefully, I won't get to the end of the summer and wonder what on earth we did with our time! Charlie will be here in 9 weeks, so we started our bucket list several weeks ago so that we would have plenty of time to squeeze some fun in before I'm way too pregnant (or toting a newborn) to enjoy this little man & our adventures together!
1 Ride a boat; 2 Splash Pad; 3 Sprinkler; 
 4 Fronteir Park; 5 Science Center
My list ranges from fun 10 minute activities at home, to full day outings in the city. I want to be intentional about being creative and making memories with my favorite little man. What's on your list?
6 Lake Michigan; 7 STL Zoo;  
8 Science for Babies; 9 Finger Paint

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  1. Oh how fun! I saw your list and it brings back such sweet memories! I grew up near St. Louis and I've done so many of those things...and they were especially great since so many of them were and still are free!!! Miss that here in Atlanta. Enjoy your summer activities! :)