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Playroom Labels Freebie

I like organization. A. LOT. But it's an, "Oooh! Let's make super cute labels, buy a bunch of bins and spend 5 hours organizing but then never ever bother to keep up with the system" kind of love. It's the thought that counts, right?

We've been working on renovating and finishing the playroom for over a year. I'm almost ready for my playroom reveal, so stay tuned! However, this little project was so much fun, and I had so many compliments, that I thought I would share the love & fun.

 For now, I've only got 6 bins that we use in our playroom. But I plan to keep adding them as the toy collection grows. I didn't know how it would go over, but Beckett (19 months) likes putting things away where they go, so as of now, we haven't had a problem keeping the toys separated!

I love these bins from Walmart. They fit PERFECTLY into the Cube Shelves from Target. We just put the lids in storage and voila! I like that they are sturdy plastic instead of the traditional fabric cubes that are made for these. We also have a larger, matching bin we use as a toy box. [PS. I looked EVERYWHERE online to link these bins for you, but this weird site is the only place online that even acknowledged the little scan numer. It's a conspiracy.]

To prep these labels, I simply printed them out on computer paper, laminated them with my at home laminator, and used modge podge to glue them directly to the plastic bin. I love how secure they seem to be. We've had them on for about a month with no problems.

What do you think? Can you make use of my little project? If you like these labels, you can grab them here. Make sure to share your finished project & tag me on Facebook or Instagram!
2 comments on "Playroom Labels Freebie"
  1. I apologize if this posts twice but I had to sign in again so I'm not sure if the first one went. This is one of my summer projects, but since I already have the fabric drawers, do you have any suggestions for putting the labels on? My two youngest are 13 months so they will definitely pull on any loosely hanging labels.

  2. LOVE! Labels help clean up so much. Where did you find the photographs for your labels? I want to make labels for my preschool classroom and I am not the photographer. I'm so excited you live close! We will have to meet up soon.