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Frozen Crock Pot Meals & Labels

Charlie Grace is set to arrive in 8 short weeks, and we still have a TON to do to prep. We haven't even started working on the nursery. That's a big problem considering we moved into this house and gutted it completely, so the room set to be a nursery has gross peeling (red!) paint and sub floors. Up until this point it's been used as storage and we've KIND OF started cleaning it out, but it still has all that random crap you have no clue what to do with and every time I walk in there to try and make progress, I just turn around and walk back out. [Update! The Nursery is now COMPLETE! Check it out here!!]

Is anybody as overwhelmed by this site as I am? SHOO! I knew I needed to do SOMETHING productive to prepare for this baby, so I decided to get my Betty Crocker on and prep some meals for once this little girl arrives. I knew that if I didn't have a plan of some sort, we'd be living off of eggs and frozen pizza for weeks. :)

So. I did a bunch of pinning and found some recipes that sounds simple yet delicious. :)

Even if you're not pregnant, I highly recommend taking some time to prep some crock pot meals. Having meals prepared would be especially awesome around those busy times of year like the beginning of the school year, holidays, or when the kids' sports schedules are a bit out of control!

I had so much fun making these cards. Each one has basic instructions for cooking, ideas for serving, and a sweet little encouraging note or scripture verse for an added boost in the midst of whatever chaos is ensuing for that day.

Several of the labels are duplicated because I knew we'd like to have more than one of that particular meal on stand by. I also changed some of the recipes just slightly to suit my own preferences, so don't be afraid to make them your own! Below is the list of the recipes I chose, with hyperlinks to the original blog posts. You can get the labels here. [Update: I've been adding my "star rating" to each dish so you know what I think of it! Rating is out of 5 stars].

Asian Wings [3 stars]
Paleo Chili [4 stars]
Italian Sausage [1 star]
Taco Meat: [5 stars]
Just prep with your favorite recipe & freeze!
Spaghetti Sauce: 
Just brown ground beef with onions and/or spices and add your favorite jars of sauce!

I pinned several other ideas, but these are the ones that were most appealing to me. If you'd like to check out my board with other crock pot ideas, you can see it here.

A few tips on prepping freezer meals:
- Consider double bagging, especially if you're using cheap bags!
- Use a straw to suck the air out of the bag & make it air tight
- Use packing tape to attach labels
- Mark the bags with dates & use within 6 months
- Pre-cook bacon

What do you think? Find anything useful? If you use my labels, or are inspired at all by this post, I'd love to see it! Connect with me on Facebook or Instagram and let me know how it goes!
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