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Noah's Ark Process Art Collage

In this house, March was for all things Saint Patrick's Day, Rainbows, and Noah's Ark! Logical succession, right?! We thought so, and we had a total blast with it! We spent the month talking about Real vs. Pretend, playing with colors A LOT, and of course discussing the story behind [what I assume is] the first rainbow. We ended our month the most beautiful process art collage I've ever laid my eyes on!

This process was not a super short one, but it wasn't complicated either! As long as you're willing to give it a few days, you're going to ROCK this project! Here's what we did:

First we started off by reading about Noah, and discussing the fact that it's a REAL story. We followed it up with PRETENDING using these beautiful animal action cards. If you need a good workout in your day, I recommend stomping like an elephant, pouncing like a cheetah, and hopping like a kangaroo around your house a couple times! The kids got a TOTAL kick out of this and it burned a good amount of energy before we sat down for some art!

Once we were all worn out, we sat down with some animal cards + paints that I had strategically chosen. We discussed one card at a time, and which colors we saw. Then we chose the paints that corresponded! To do this scraping activity, you simply dot a few colors of paint over your paper, then use an old gift/rewards/credit card to scrape it around!! I thought Beckett (3) would be great at this and that Charlie (19 months) would be a mess but it was totally the other way around! Since Chuck's little hands can't squeeze too hard, she ended up with perfect little dots, while Beckett DROWNED his paper and life-guard mommy had to come in for the rescue [every. stinkin. time].

To make the Ark, we used this same process with brown, black, and deep red on a brown paper bag. By the time we finished papers for five animals + an ark, we were DONE for the day! A full week later, we came back to finish the process.

For the animal's faces, I simply traced outlines I found online and cut them out of our painted papers. Beckett helped a little bit, but his fine motor skills are not ready for this work! So while I worked on the animals, Buck & Chuck worked on the water! I handed them blue felt, construction paper, and tissue paper, showed them how to cut strips and glue them on, and then set them loose [sitting very close by and guiding the process, obviously]. They actually did a FABULOUS job on this and I was so excited!

Once we were done cutting our animals and creating our beautiful blue background, it was time to assemble! Beckett helped me place the animals by telling me which one could be in the water and which had to be on the boat. Then he and I worked together to hot glue everything down and get those adorable wiggly eyes in place!

And that's it! This project could totally be fun with an range of ages, and can be applied to so many different themes! We will DEFINITELY do this scrape painting again. Process art for the win!

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4 comments on "Noah's Ark Process Art Collage"
  1. I love it! It turned out sooooooo cute! I want to try this with my boys!

  2. I LOVE this! So many fun ideas in one post :) That stunning piece of teamwork process art needs a frame! It's just GORGEOUS!

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