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3 Easy Preschool and Kindergarten Easter Ideas

Hi, I'm Jenny from Jenny's Crayons and so excited to guest blog on Denise's blog today.  I teach preschool for my son and his friends.  I love to share the ideas I come up with for preschool on my blog, and Instagram.  I also like to post all my fun Target finds on my Instagram, atargetmom.  Here are some fun Easter preschool ideas.

1. This is one of my daughters favorite activities and she came up with it.  We got a necklace making kit at Target.  We made the necklace, but for some reason did not finish it.  My daughter decided she wanted to go for a treasure hunt with the felt flowers.  We probably did it at least 10 times the day she discovered it.  We take turns placing the flowers and looking for them.  This idea could be used for preschool, for Easter morning hiding gifts, or just for fun like we did.

2. The next activity I came up with was using using scrabble letters and some eggs and a bag we got from the dollar spot at Target. Can you tell we like Target? Everyone pulls a letter out of the bag and comes up with an Easter word that starts with that letter.
3. The last activity I came up with was one involving numbers and eggs all the supplies also purchased at Target.  I bought the felt letters for each of the kids.  The teacher puts down some eggs.  The kids have to choose from their pile how many eggs there are and put the corresponding number down.
Thanks for letting me share my Easter preschool ideas with you.  What are some fun ideas you have come up with?
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