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Egg Carton Flower Garland

So this year I started creating shelf-scapes, as I like to call them. I change out the theme, books, and decor of my book shelf about once a month. This month, however, we doubled up and did Easter for the first half of the month and switched to GARDENS for the second!

So I've just recently discovered Cara Raising Kinley. If you haven't found her on IG yet, do yourself a favor and follow her over here. She's chock full of beautiful ideas, including this brilliant concept for flower garland! You can find Cara's full tutorial right here, which we followed with a few minor adjustments to fit our style.

Let me warn you. I had high hopes for this project but my almost 2 and 3.5 year old did not make it very far into this project. Painting all of the edges of these intricate cartons take some serious commitment to the cause. So unless you're in this for your own enjoyment, I suggest doing this with kiddos with longer attention spans.

Cara cut her cartons first, but I thought it would be easier for little hands to paint the cartons whole. We also chose acrylics over watercolor because it's our paint of choice! [The kids also paint naked in this house, because acrylics are NOT WASHABLE, so be warned]. Paint the outside, let dry, then paint the inside!

Once those were completely dry, we showed Beckett how to punch holes into the cartons. While he wasn't super interested in the painting part of the day, he took this job VERY SERIOUSLY. Hint: put a cutting board under your cartons!

Finally, I cut apart the cartons, sliced triangles in the sides that needed them, and popped them onto this cool string of green lights I had from our March shelf-scape! I did two flowers on lights and then skipped a bulb to stretch out my flowers and because I thought it looked better. Then I just plugged those bad boys in and VOILA! Prettiest flower garland I've ever made! ;)

What do you think? Do you think you'll try your own flower garland? What will you use it for? We're just starting off GARDEN WEEK over in our [not so] super secret literacy group. We'd love to hear from you! Join our BOOK conversation here!

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