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What Makes It Rain Experiment!

Imagine the most darling three year old Beckett voice, in the most perfect staccato, asking: "Mom? Why. is. it. waaayyniin??"


How can you pass up answering THAT sweet question in the most thorough, engaging manner you can possibly dream up?! I couldn't. So we threw our Garden Week activities to the wind and dove into our Usborne What Makes It Rain? book. We examined just the first page of the book, which has fun questions about rain (whereas the other pages are on the sun, snow, etc) and we talked about how the clouds get heavy with water until they juuuust caaan't hold it anymooore! AAAHH! And it faaallss!! Hehe. Can you just imagine the fun?

I've seen this activity floating around the Insta-sphere for a while now and I just couldn't wait to have our turn to do it. We didn't even bother to look up instructions because it seemed pretty self explanatory. ;)

First, we gathered our materials and lined our table with wax paper. I wanted easy clean up but didn't want to clutter our pretty white space with a bright table cloth because I thought it might take away from our experiment. Because we only had gel food coloring, we used a small jar to mix it with water and shake shake shake! Of course, this was super fun for Ms. Chuck.

We took a minute to talk about clouds and where we find them. Then we talked again about how water fills them and guessed what would happen next! Notice in the photo that our shaving cream is SUPER FLUFFY. We actually ended up dumping that first jar and going for round two. Keep in mind that good stuff GROWS!

Beckett had so much fun squeezing rain drops into our cloud, I can totally see us doing this activity every rainy day for a long time! As a bonus, it served as a great fine motor skill. ;) I've seen this done with eye droppers but since we didn't have one of those on hand, medicine syringe it was!

What do you think? Can you totally see your littles going gaga over this activity? Let me know how it goes! We're sharing this and other fab ideas over in our [not so] super secret literacy group. We'd love to hear from you! Join our BOOK conversation here!

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3 comments on "What Makes It Rain Experiment!"
  1. So um, rain is totally related to garden week because we need rain to feed the flowers, fruits, and veggies! This is such a cute idea. Love the look in Buck and Chuck's faces! I can't wait to try this with my boys and see how much shaving cream William eats! Ha ha ha! Do you think it would work with whipped cream instead?

    1. This made me laugh SO MUCH!!! And I think it would TOTALLY work with whipped cream!! Try it and DEFINIFELY let me know. 💙 And you're right!! We haven't talked about flowers needing rain yet (it's on the list!). Maybe we'll revisit this project when we get to that part. 💙