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I Have Fallen in Love: Freezer Crock Pot Meals, Take 2

A few months ago, I shared a list of crock pot meals I was preparing for after Charlie Grace arrived. It's been a couple months and we're running low on prepared meals. Let me tell you: I CANNOT LET THAT HAPPEN. This was my first experience with preparing and freezing meals in advance and I WILL NEVER GO BACK. Cooking is NOT my cup of tea. I just really don't enjoy spending time cooking when I could be having a root canal instead. [Ok fine. A little dramatic.. but REALLY.] So here I am again, with a brand new list of meals we plan to enjoy this month and some cutie cute labels to boot!

Grab the free download here. In it you'll find my two week plan (which I double), a shopping list for before you prep, and labels. Note that I prep 14 different meals but I make TWO of each. So my grocery list is for 28 meals! If you only want one of each meal, you'll need to cut it in half.

If you're lucky like me, you can get together with friends and do this part. Add wine and it makes it even better. Find a friend who will do all of the work while you watch, drink wine, and tape labels, and you've hit the jackpot! (Thank you very much, BFF Katie).

I also highly recommend crock pot liners. Seriously. They take my meal planning life from, "wow! This is easy!" to "I AM THE MOST BRILLIANT PERSON ON THE PLANET!" They are worth every penny. Don't let your husband tell you differently.

So all you need now are links! Below is the link to each meal that is included on this plan. 

I'd love to hear what you think about them! Leave a comment or contact me directly with questions or comments!

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