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A Totally Spooktacular Treat for Your Team!

I spent last night shoving candy into mason jars and topping them off with pretty little bows. It's almost embarassing how excited I get about simple little projects like these. I could spend all of my days planning parties and events and working on sweet little gifts for people. Lucky for me, it's the holidays and my husband is a business owner. He's charged me with the very important task of making sure his employees know how much we love and appreciation them. This year, I'll be bringing these bad boys to the company's annual Halloween party.

These were a bit time consuming with two needy children on hand, but incredibly simple to do. They turned out great, and who doesn't love mason jars? Or CANDY?

Just for you, I've made my VERY FIRST editable document. Woot! Go me! :) You can download these gift tags FOR FREE in my TPT store. Just click here. In order to use the same font I did to sign your name, you'll need to download KG All of Me. It's FREE for personal use. If you'd rather not download a font, I recommend using the font "Avenir Next Condensed Demi Bold" [which came with my Microsoft Word] in all caps.

The jars are pretty self-explanatory (shove candy & go), but I still thought I'd share a few notes & tips before you get started:

I used pint (16oz) wide mouth mason jars
18 jars took about 12 rolls of (3yd) ribbon
I cut my ribbon about 20 inches long
String the ribbon between the two pieces of the mason jar lid.

To add the tag: tie the ribbon once, add the tag to just one strand, then finish your knot.

I twisted all of the ribbon so the print side was face up

And voila! You've got yourself a totally adorable & sweet SPOOKtacular treat! What do you think? I'd love to hear what else you choose to use these tags for! Who's on your special team? Comment below!
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