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One on One: October!

I love these monthly dollar deals! Thanks so much to The First Grade Roundup for hosting! :) This month, I'm super excited to share my Halloween Literacy Center Bundle at 75% off!! This deal is good today and tomorrow only, so hurry on over!!

This Halloween Literacy Center Pack is Chock Full of Fun and ADORABLE items that your students will love this Halloween Season. Each item is most Common Core Aligned and Halloween themed! I have included Print & Go [blackline] options of each activity for easy centers with very little prep work. There is also a reusable version of each activity - full color and intended for laminating and using again next year! Each activity is also supplied with a matching 8.5x11 Common Core "I can" statement as well as suggestions to modify each activity to increase or decrease difficulty level! 

Here are just a couple of my favorite pieces from this pack in action:

In Roll & Write Students will roll for a random vocabulary word & then use the word in a sentence or story. {CCRA.L.6}

For easy differentiation, I've also included a page to simply copy down the word and illustrate a scene using that word.

In Mummy Match, students will read and categorize words into their appropriate word families.

To guide students who are not quite prepared to do this activity on their own, I simply circle the word family ending!

In Batty for Book, students will read Fall or Halloween themed books (not included) and then complete sequencing or plot graphic organizers. {RL.1.2 & RL.1.3} In this activity, you can either use words & sentences, or let the students illustrate their points like in these photos with sweet Henley. 

To see what other goodies are in this set, check it out here!

For other dollar goodies, head on over to The First Grade Roundup!

3 comments on "One on One: October!"
  1. Oh, I do love those dice! So perfect! Thanks for linking up, friend!

    the first grade roundup

  2. Batty for Books!! ;) Too cute, Denise! Can't wait to snatch this up :)

  3. What fun activities!
    I love the dice (they're always so much fun) -
    and Mummy Match looks like fun too!
    AND I love the Batty for Books - so cute!
    xo Pam
    Hedgehog Reader