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Board Books We're Loving this Fall!

I'm OBSESSED with books. We have way way way too many, if that's a thing. Nonetheless, I continue to collect them! One of my new favorite ways to choose & buy books is from blogger friends sharing their favorites in posts like these! So, welcome to my first book list. :)

This month for Tot School, my son and I are reveling is some serious fall goodness. I've pulled all of our books that support the theme and vocabulary we're learning this month. ALL of the books on my list are available (or only provided) in board books.  I've also included Vocabulary We Love. When listing vocabulary, you should know I'm also referring to the illustrations. Here's a list of my favorites, in no particular order!

This story is simple & repetitive. The two adorable friends go on a search for a pumpkin.
Vocabulary We Love: pumpkin, acorn, leaf pile, log, apple tree

We love ALL of the Duck and Goose books! My son has gotten one for just about every holiday and milestone over the last year. Check out their others here!

Goodnight Goon by Michael Rex
This is a very creative parody of the classic Goodnight Moon. The rhythm & pattern is basically the same, but replaced with a spooky setting and characters. This book may be a bit scary for some littles. I think my son is still a bit young to recognize that he should be afraid, so he's pretty intrigued.
Vocabulary we love: bat, cat, hat, scary, ghost

Stellaluna by Janell Cannon
Stellaluna is a sweet baby bat who gets separated from her mother and must live with baby birds. During her stay, she learns the differences between herself and her new friends, but they all realize that they can love each other anyway!
This book is a little bit long for young toddlers, but my son (23 months) sat through most of it. He really enjoyed the illustrations.
Vocabulary we love: bat, wings, birds, nest, sad, happy

Fall by Roger Priddy
I love the Bright Baby Board Books! I just discovered them during my first Tot School unit when we found the Trucks book buried among other books on our shelves. We didn't even know we had it! After we spent so much time with that book, I knew I had to have this one for fall. The pages simply have one large illustration and the vocabulary word beneath it. Unlike the Trucks book, this book is Touch & Feel, which makes it even more engaging for my toddler!
Vocabulary we love: turkey, pumpkin, squirrel, walk

It's Pumpkin Day, Mouse! by Laura Numeroff
Mouse [from If You Give A Mouse A Cookie] has a blast painting pumpkins in this book! He gives each pumpkin faces with different emotions, which could make for great conversation with your tot!
Vocabulary we love: pumpkin, mouse, leaf, happy, sad, scary.
This book is also great practice for counting to 7.

The friends compete to see who can put stack apples on their heads. In true Dr. Seuss form, the book has a fun rhythm and rhyme. My son tends to get bored before the end, but we do love counting the apples!
Vocabulary we love: apple, tree. This book is great for practicing counting to ten.

Boo by Leslis Patricelli
I've recently become fond of Leslie Patricelli's board books as well. (She has a cute Potty one we're using to help gear up for training!). This Boo book is really adorable and LOADED with great vocabulary. First, the main character picks and carves a pumpkin. There is a page with adorable illustrations modeling several facial expressions to choose from. Then he chooses a costume and the illustrator lays out a lot of options to discuss with your little. Finally, he goes trick or treating with his dad. The illustrations are great for discussing staying with a grown up, what happens when it gets dark, using manners, etc.
Vocabulary we love: leaves, pumpkin, scarecrow, corn, bat, spider, cat, candy, happy, angry, monkey, ghost, scary, thank you

10 Trick or Treaters by Janet Schulman
This is an adorable rhyming book that counts backward from 10. On each page, another trick or treater disappears. I like that the final page ends with "and then there were none." We talk about them being "all gone" and talk about zero. The last page shows all of the numbers, 10-0.
Vocabulary we love: bus, firefighter, spider, apples, fire, pumpkin, cat, moon, & numbers 0-10.

The vampire bat insists he's scarier than all of the other things in the castle. The book is repetitive and simple, with adorable illustrations. At the end of the book, the vampire bat decided he's actually the cutest thing in the castle. :)
Vocabulary we love: bat, star, scary, spider, web, ghost, dark

Ok, if I'm being real, I actually don't like this book at all. My son, on the other hand, LOVES it. The book features a mail carrier (Fox) who loses all of the letters he's carrying to the wind on the very first page. The rest of the book features opposite words on each page (up/down, wet/dry, left/right, etc). We're not quite ready for opposites and I think the concepts are too abstract for the illustrations to really do justice. HOWEVER, the leaves are embellished with a metallic, shiny paper material that is eye catching and fun. Beckett mostly flips through the books and feels the shiny material. If he's happy, then I'm happy. :)
Vocabulary we love: leaves, fox, duck, tree, squirrel

The Very Busy Spider by Eric Carle
Throughout the book, different animals approach the busy spider asking him if he wants to play. The spider is always too busy building his web. I like that the story is repetitive, yet each animal asks to do an activity specific to their personality (the dog wants to chase a cat). 
Vocabulary we love: spider, web, various animals & their sounds, sleepy, night

Biscuit has a series of books. This is just a quick, simple story featuring Buiscit's trip to the pumpkin patch. They paint pumpkins and make some friends.
Vocabulary we love: pumpkin, wagon, apples, happy, sad

Ok, I don't love this book either, but my son is a fan of the shiny cover and the "mon" (monkey/George). This book is a compliation of poems describing different aspects of Halloween. The poems are fun to chant and are full of good vocabulary. I'm not sure that a young toddler is going to comprehend them, but they would be great for Kindergarten age. I generally read one page at a time and discuss the pictures before moving on to another book.
Vocabulary we Love: pumpkin, web, ghost, bat
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  1. Thanks for sharing an awesome list of Fall Picture books! I'm your newest follower!

  2. Goodnight Goon. OMG, I'm dying here. It's like a sacrilege, but I'm going to have to find it and read it. Thanks for the great list!