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A Buck And Chuck Valentines

You know what I like? I like how in pictures, everything seems cutie and simple and fun and easy. HA! If you're NOT one of those moms whose toddlers' crafts turn out perfectly poised for Pinterest, then you're not alone.

So Brian and I are leaving for Paris in T minus 3 days and I CANNOT EVEN HANDLE the overwhelm. Mostly excited, and a little bit nervous. We've left the kids before (we did Ireland in May) and even though my anxiety level was decidedly higher, it turned out juuuuust fine. We had the time of our lives and I know this trip will be the same, but still, I'm feeling extra sentimental and needing to get in ALL THE SWEET TIMES with my kiddos before we flit off to immerse our selves in a blissful child-free week in the city of romance.

So this morning we went full on Valentines Fun! It was a blast in a lot of ways, but just know: there were many anxious moments. We started out by breaking out our new decoding cards. Smarty pants kid loves these cards so much and I swoon every time he gets excited about new ones. Let's talk about how he'd rather play with these cards than do my cutesy pinteresty crafts. Sigh.

Then we made a very late breakfast. Beckett LOVES to cook and I'm enamored by how focused he is in the kitchen. He pays great attention and is very careful and aware of his surroundings. This will be our bonding spot. I'm mostly looking forward to the day where I can sit back with a glass of wine while he does the work.

Charlie is less trusted in the kitchen, and will probably be for a while. Although while she's standing there, she repeats in her cute, tiny voice, "hot hot hot!" For now, though, she gets to stand way back. She seems happy dancing on her chair to Kidz Bop on Alexa while Beckett simultaneously sings Jesus Loves Me (he's been obsessed since we finished our posters). The entertainment factor is real in here.

Ok. Then the stressful part began. Now, someone please tell me how picky we as moms are supposed to be about crafting with our kids. Do we insist they follow instructions because following instructions is an important skill? Or do we let them go where ever they want and encourage their creative genes to flow?

During this "sun catcher" Beckett wanted to ball up his papers. WRONG. Then he wanted add blue, which is OBVIOUSLY not a valentines color. GASP! I let both happen, because I didn't want to be the tissue paper Nazi, but it hurt my feelings people. It REALLY HURT. Charlie, on the other hand, rocked this activity. It's rare that she's my more agreeable kid, so this was a welcome change.

Then we broke out the paint. I should have taken a valium first. They had both gotten paint on themselves and or their clothes, seriously, within 30 seconds. That is not an exaggeration. WHY? WHY would you put paint anyplace but the paper? HOW, BECKETT did you manage to get paint on your SISTER's cute new shirt? Insert. An. EYE. ROLL.

Beckett was fairly entertained by this activity, but Charlie is her mother's child. She was in full on I WILL ROCK THIS CRAFT focus mode. I loved every minute. That lasted until she decided she was done with this side of the paper and would turn it over, paint side down on the table, so that she could paint the other side. I wish you could see my face right now.

We finished off the morning with a much needed coffee break and some reading from our February Book box! Other than my lap being not big enough for both kids, their inability to agree on a book, and their insistence on trying to spill my coffee, this was pretty low stress.

Here's the list of books in our February Book Box!

2 comments on "A Buck And Chuck Valentines"
  1. I love all of the pictures in this post! So bright and pretty and VALENTINE-Y! :) Kinley loves to cook too--there is just something so dang adorable about a little tiny human cooking, isn't there? :)

    1. Yes!! OMGoodness sometimes I think I might tear up watching him work the stove. How do these tiny humans even happen?? I feel like magic is unfolding before my eyes. I guess it is miraculous. I just am in awe by them! We're the luckiest mommas!