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We're Learning to Read through Worship!

Of all of the little activities I've done with Beckett, this last project has got to be the one he's been most excited about. My heart is bursting with how excited he is to sing and learn these worship songs, and to read along as we sing! Make sure you read to the bottom because I'm looking for your ideas, AND I'm giving one set away!

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So in our church, littles can go to the nursery during the whole service, but Brian and I have chosen to keep them in the service with us through the music worship time at the beginning. We do this for a couple of main reasons: mostly we love exposing them to worship time as a church body and to the worship songs we hope they'll grow to love and live by. We also like the opportunity to expose them to "big church" and the chance to practice sitting quietly in small spurts (announcements, etc). However, one new bonus to keeping them with us is Beckett has started pointing to the words on the screen and "following along" as we sing!

This past Sunday, watching him was incredibly precious (and a little bit distracting), but it also gave me an idea! I obviously can't spend too much time during worship helping him know which words we're singing, but I sure can make them accessible to him at home! And so my Sight Word Worship Song Charts were born.

Because we're talking about Valentine's Day this month, we've included books in our book box that relate to love and hearts, including Jesus Loves Me (which is basically just the lyrics to the song, and SO CUTE). So, it made sense that we would kick off the fun with this song!

I chose the two main verses and three sign words. In our case, "Jesus" will be a sight word. I printed them up on card stock and laminated it so we can use it for a while. Beckett was IMMEDIATELY enthralled with "reading along" to a song he know so well. He's asked me to read his poster with him countless times in the last two days.

Then I recreated the poster on a large post it pad. We sang the song repeatedly as I wrote the verses out in pencil. Then we went through and traced the words we were focusing on. Beckett pointed out each time he saw Jesus, loves, or me and I traced it with the color that matched our mini poster.

Then we sat around and sang and colored our poster! This was mostly for fun and so that Charlie had more of an active role in our activity.

We hung the poster in our kids library and have referred to it several times in the last couple of days! I love that it adds to the atmosphere of our little Valentine's Theme we've got going on.

I went ahead and polled my mommy friends for more ideas for posters. As of now, the pack is mostly kids songs, but I'd love to add choruses of songs we hear in church regularly! For a chance to grab yours for free, check out the Rafflecopter & comment below with YOUR favorite worship songs! And make sure you're following my on Facebook and BlogLovin. The goal for 2017 is to host LOTS of giveaways!

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