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Our Printable Valentines!

The kids are in "school" for the first time (kind of). They go to Parents Day Out. We looove it! I've had so much fun picking out backpacks and dressing kids for days at school (as opposed to our usual, very chic, "jammie" look). So of course, for Valentine's Day I had to come up with something cutie and fun.

Originally, I wanted each kid to have a Valentine that represented something they loved, so Beckett was going to give Hot Wheels and Charlie would give hair bows. That idea flopped when I realized that Charlie's class wasn't all girls. Ha!

So instead we decided each kid would give both types of Valentines, so they could personalize their little gift for the boys in their class or the girls in their class.

PEOPLE. This was SO. MUCH. HARDER than you would think. Why are people these days (ahem.. me!) naming their kids with such difficult names?! Why can't we just name boys Joe and girls Jane? It took two days of passing notes back and forth to determine which kids in the class should receive bows and which should receive cars.

Anyway, I realize that I overcomplicated things, and that I'll likely be buying dollar tree valentines by third grade and having the kids whip them up on their way to school, but for now I'm going full on Pinterest mommy and personalizing these bad boys.

I thought I'd go ahead and share the goodness, so you can download the wheelie valentines here and the xoxo here. The listing tells you which fonts you'll need to personalize them completely. Have fun, Pinterest Mommas!

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