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Beckett's Nautical Nursery Reveal!

Ladies & Gents, we are so proud and excited to finally post the official reveal of Beckett's Nautical Nursery!

A little background: While I was researching nursery ideas (themes, projects, organization, must have items, etc) I found a TON of these nursery reveal videos on YouTube. At first I thought they were a bit cheesy. But actually, they were fun to watch and VERY helpful for this first time mommy. Plus, after spending WEEKS putting together our own nursery, we most definitely want to be sure our family and friends get to see it! :) So, without further ado, we introduce to you Beckett's Nautical Nursery:

For you mommies out there, or for anybody just curious, here are the details on the details, in order of reveal:

#10 - {The Organization}

The Closet Curtain Doors
When we bought this house, there were no doors on ANY of the closets. For Beckett's room, we decided to add some fun print by using IKEA curtain panels instead of buying doors. To create this look, you will need:
- The KVARTAL hardware for hanging the rail. We used 3.
- The KVARTAL top & bottom rails for hanging the panels. We used 4.
- Fabric of your choice for each panel. I used 23 inch by 7 foot panels. You can buy them from IKEA or make your own.

The Closet Tags
I got the tags from {Sew Sweet Stiches Baby} on Etsy. She has a ton of different designs. I love the quality of her work, and she even customized mine a bit for me. Later, I contacted her to buy the fabric directly from her because I couldn't find it and wanted it for a Boppy Cover!

Cube Shelf
The shelf came from {Target} and the cubes came from {Home Depot}. We printed the tags on our home computer. 

The List
Our cubes are organized into the following categories: Hats, socks, swaddlers, receiving blankets, shoes, diapers & wipes, toys, carriers, & sheets. 

#9 - {My DIY Projects} 

The Boppy
With virtually NO sewing experience whatsoever, (I started using my sewing last week for the first time in 14 years) I made two boppy covers that I LOVE. They were cheap and match my theme and I get to feel accomplished. There are several tutorials, but I just printed the pattern and followed the instruction on the pattern. Some of the tutorials were overly confusing to me. Here are the instructionsHere's the pattern.

#8 - {Birth Announcement}

I've seen a TON of these on Pinterest & {Etsy}. You can buy them for $20-$30 or you can design one yourself! I used Photoshop to put this one together. I plan on adding scrapbook paper behind the final product. The one here is my prediction of Beckett's birth statistics. Brian has his own predictions too :) Winner gets a free pass on the first five dirty diapers.

#7 - {Crib & Dresser}

We got the crib & dresser from {Target}. We LOVE this set. The crib was a gift from Nana & Papa. Plus we got an awesome deal on it: It was ON SALE for $50 off, plus if you bought it Labor Day weekend, it came with a FREE Simmons Mattress. On top of that we had been told we would receive another 20% off for registry fulfillment. I hadn't gotten my coupon, so Target went ahead and marked it down for us. Then we had another coupon or Cartwheel (I don't remember) and THEN if you use your Target Red Card (they have debit now!) you can get an ADDITIONAL 5% off! :) Talk about great deal. 

#6 - {Diaper Stockpile}

As a #MomInTraining, I've been working on my couponing skills for a couple of months now. Check out my tutorial on {How I Stock Piled Diapers}.

#5 - {Bench}

We registered for this bench at {Target}. I love the size and cubes but, not the tan cushion, so I decided I'd just cover it to match the room! I couldn't find a tutorial on a bench cover, so I used {this blog} as a starting point instead. I just changed the measurements proportionately (I estimated) and used the exact same steps! 

#4 - {Signature Frame}

This frame was the brilliant addition of one of my shower hostesses at the first shower we had. I took it to all three showers and had my friends & family sign it. However, the frame was black, which didn't go super well with our nursery decor. So I used {this cutie chick} as inspiration for redecorating the frame. Basically, you cut strips of fabric and then wrap it around the frame! A few tips:

   She used modge podge. I decided to go with hot glue instead. I chose this because it dries instantly and has a strong hold right away. I did a lot of tight pulling and think modge podge would have been a hot mess.
   Fold out all of the clips that hold the glass in. That way you don't accidentally wrap them in the fabric. 
   Choose a thin fabric. It was hard enough with the super thin fabric i used to get the glass & backing back in.
   I was intentional about wrapping the fabric in different directions. You may or may not want this look.

#3 - {Glider}

We got the glider from {Babies R Us}. Remember to order EARLY (10-12 weeks minimum) if you want to customize the fabric! However, toward the end of your pregnancy, you'll get a 20% off coupon for ANY item (even if it's on sale!). So pair this coupon with your on sale glider and you've got a great deal! :) 

#2 - {Beckett's Name Sign}

My Mom and I made this ourselves! :) You can see that "How To" post {here}.

#1 - {The Paint}

The Polka Dot Wall
I used the lid of a Lowes bucket to trace dots onto the wall with a pencil. Then I just used a brush and small roller to fill them in. They're not perfect, but that's ok with me :)

The Stitched Sailboat Painting
Brian and I decided that we wanted a sailboat silhouette painted on the wall. Then my bff suggested the stitched look instead. We LOVE IT. It was super easy peasy. Here's my blog post on {How to Make a "Stitched" Image on your Wall!}.

This whole room was so much fun to put together. I hope you've enjoyed it and gotten some inspiration! Feel free to let me know if you have questions.


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