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How I Stockpiled Diapers on a Budget


It's a bit funny to me the reactions that I've received in the last nine months over this one word. I've been the target of some serious opinions for sure. All women are opinionated... But Moms... whooo-weee! Moms LOVE to dish their advice. Over the last nine months (and even before) I've been bombarded with opinions over cloth or disposable, Huggies or Pampers, brand name or generic... and the list goes on. Apparently if I use certain diapers, my kid will die of rash and never be potty trained. True story.

Actually, I'm being sarcastic... only because that's my spiritual gift. So let me clarify: THANK YOU MOMMIES! I do sincerely appreciate mommy advice. I've never done this before, and I definitely could use some guidance from the pros! Hence my love for mommy blogs! It still cracks me up. And please, don't be offended if I nod politely and ignore your opinion. I'm sure you've done the same. ;) #SolidarityMommies.

I decided to go with disposable diapers for now. Here's the situation: I have no illusion that I will have this mommy situation figured out any time soon. And even without an infant, I'm the WORST laundry doer ever!! Seriously. No exaggeration. My husband does the laundry in our house. This is me:

No lie. Nine out of ten times I have to rewash my clothes. Therefore, I cannot pretend that I will keep up with cloth diapers! So now you understand.

Anywho.. on to the point of this here rant: How I stockpiled my diapers. Check this out.

My Diaper Stockpile
I lost count at around 1700, but since this photo was taken, we've added several more packs. Depressingly enough, this is still not enough to last Beckett until he's potty trained. Anyone else feeling a twinge of guilt for the destroying the earth situation? Maybe I'll consider cloth for the next kiddo.

Wanna know how I did it? It was EASY PEASY.

1. Couponing. For some of you, this is a bad word. "I don't have time for that" is the number one response I hear. Well, lucky ducky for you, just because you're couponing for diapers, doesn't mean you have to become an extreme couponer. You're looking at snipping 3-4 coupons every couple of weeks. *It's. Worth. It!* I learned my couponing skills from The Krazy Coupon Lady. She has a YouTube Channel and an AWESOME blog. Here's their {video on diapers}. Here is their {website}. And HERE is what you're going to do!: Start NOW. (They recommend first trimester!) Go to their website once per week (Saturday or Sundays are best) and peruse the store deals on diapers. You'll see deals at CVS, Walgreens, Target, and RiteAid pretty regularly. I have ALWAYS found the best deals at CVS.

Here is what you need to know about CVS:
- You're going to look for a SALE + Extrabucks. Usually the diapers go on sale for $8-$9 per jumbo pack. Then CVS will offer $10 Extrabucks (like CVS Cash) if you spend $30. THEN you're going to use one coupon per pack of diapers you buy. So you'll print 3-4 coupons, hopefully for $2.50-$3.00 each. Krazy Coupon Lady will have links to tell you where to find these. THEN, once you've been shopping at CVS a while, you'll occasionally have CVS store coupons for diapers as well. My favorite is the random $4 off $20 baby products. You can use these all at the same time! The best I've done is about $1.98 per pack (about $.05 per diaper), but usually my goal is $.09 - $.10 per diaper. This is about $3.60 - $4.00 per jumbo pack. Sweet deal!

2. Clearance
Keep an eye out, because I HAVE found diapers on Clearance! Target and Walmart both have had diapers on clearance before. AND you can stack coupons with these already awesome deals! Those big boxes of Pampers you see: Originally $40, clearanced down to $15. (Our regular Walmart was clearing out to be turned into a Super Walmart).

3. Showers
Of course, you're going to get diapers at showers. But my mother-in-law helped me hit the jack-pot! At the shower she threw me, she sent out special notes in the invitations just for the men! All of our cousins, uncles, friends' hubbies, etc were invited to partake in a special "man shower" during my baby shower. The men gathered downstairs in the Man Cave, Carole prepped man food, and the boys just watched football and drank beer. The catch? Each man was required to bring a pack of diapers for entry! Cha-Ching! 

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