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Welcome to #TeacherMom

Hi! I'm Denise. I'm a twenty-eight year old Christian, wife, and almost mommy. I'm obsessed with planning, organizing, scheduling, calendars, itineraries, and hash tags. I also love all things cliche mom. Except mini-vans. No offense, but I'll be the SUV type mommy, but with third row seating, of course. Other than that, if it looks "mom-ish" I want it. I wish I could have a mom hair cut but I have thick curly hair, so there's no easy style. Ever.

I was a teacher for five years, until I was very recently {as in, I'm technically still pregnant} promoted to stay at home mommy.  As mentioned above, I LOVE planning. So my favorite part of teaching was, most definitely, the planning. I know I'm not alone in this, but I haven't made a friend in this club yet.

And so.. the reasons for this blog.

1. Teacher Stuff.
Even though I'm no longer in the classroom, I still plan on creating plans & activities for my teacher friends out there. It's partly to keep me from going insane and partly an outlet for all of the fun ideas I've had piling up in my brain with no time to create. If you're a teacher, you know what I mean. I even have a cutie little store on Teachers Pay Teachers. Here, I hope to share my plans {including lots of Freebies}, as well as my adventures of attempting teach at home.

2. Mommy Stuff.
I'm new to the world of almost mommy. But as a cliche mom in training, I have several favorite mom blogs. I adore all the mommies for letting me have a glimpse into their brilliant, creative worlds. And surprisingly enough, I've had a few projects and revelations myself that I thought maybe... just maybe... someone out there would be interested in. We'll see.

3. Whatever Else I Please.
Hey. It's my blog.

So thanks for joining me as I share in my adventures, whatever they may be.

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