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Marbleized Glitter Hearts!

So I'm a big fan of cutesy crafty projects that require minimal effort but result in big fun. This is one of those projects. I found marble painting on Pinterest last year and I've used the same concept several times since. They're all materials I have on hand and there is seriously almost NO clean up. You're welcome.

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Valentine's Day is coming up, so we decided to kick off the festivities with this quick and easy craft while I made dinner! Yes, it's easy enough to multi-task (although hubs was around for this one, too).

For our marble hearts, I drew a few very meticulous [and by that I mean not at all meticulous] hearts on construction paper. It took .5 seconds. Excruciating prep work, right? Beckett and I cut out our hearts together, which was definitely the most challenging part of this task, but three year olds love scissors and they need the fine motor practice, so I'm calling this a huge win! Then I simply throw a heart into the same Rubbermaid Takealong I've used before.

Then the fun part! I hand Beckett a couple of squeezable acrylic paints (we always have a large stock of these) and he squeezes straight into the bin! No paint brushes, no paper plates of paint, very little chance of paint getting anywhere you don't want it to be. Are we besties, yet?

Once they've squeezed their colors on, throw in a few rubber bouncing balls, close the lid (triple check this) and then SHAKE! Shake shake shake! Kidz Bop helps this situation. Also, Dad was in on this craft with us and he makes everything more fun.

Shake as long as it entertains them. Because it's easy and mess free.

When you pull your heart (or shape of choice) out, it will a fun marble paint effect! We added glitter to ours, right in the bin as to eliminate the danger of glitter-splosion in the house.

Then I carefully transferred the heart to a paper plate to dry, and we started again! Once we're done, for clean up I simply leave the Rubbermaid out to dry with the paint right in it. No need to wash because I'll be repeating this project for every shape I can think of until Buck & Chuck are no longer entertained.

I hope you have fun with this one! Let me know how you switch it up!
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