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Our Christmas Library: 12 Books we LOVE!

Last year I did my own little version of advent with Buck & Chuck. We opened a book a day, and each book had one of our advent scripture cards on the front. It was stinkin' cute and we had a blast opening up a new book every day (and even better: Beckett began to learn the Christmas story).

We mostly made due with books we already had, but we also bought a few new ones. When I'm buying books, I depend on posts from blogger friends to help decide which to get! So, I thought I'd do my blogger due diligence & share some of the Christmas books WE LOVE!

[Disclaimer: This post contains Amazon Affiliate Links]

The Spirit of Christmas is a Nancy Tillman board book, which ALL bring me to tears. This books talks about Christmas being about love, and of course is beautifully written.

Christmas in the Manger focuses one page each on various "characters" of the Christmas story. It tells details of the story, but also is wonderful for vocabulary. I love this book for toddlers and preschool.

A Christmas Prayer is a sweet rhyming book, thanking God for various simplicities of our day to day at Christmas time. I like it because it's very relatable and has a prayer on each page, reminding us to thank God for the simple things. AND it's not too cheesy! (In my opinion)

Who is Coming to Our House is a fun rhyming book from the point of view of the animals preparing for the arrival of Baby Jesus. I like it because it is simple, catchy, and has a lot of room for conversation. I also really like the way the animals build anticipation for the arrival for Baby Jesus.

Christmas Box Set. The set pictured here is not the exact set we have, and to be honest, the content is nothing particularly impressive, but my kids LOVE LOVE LOVE these box sets no matter what the content. I guess it's because the books are such a fun little size. Both of my kids will sit and play with this box set, flipping through the thick little pages FOREVER. Plus, the content is almost always ultra simple and great for just talking about photos and building vocabulary.

J is for Jesus explains the significances of the details of a candy cane. It's a neat story, which I particularly like because it's different than many other books you find at Christmas, explaining details of the nativity story with a completely different approach. Plus you have an excuse to eat a candy cane!

Merry Christmas, Stinky Face is one of many Stinky Face books we love.

Counting Christmas is a simple concept. The kiddos can count the Christmassy items in each picture. You'll count to ten. The book isn't anything spectacular, but we like counting books and this is one of only two we have for Christmas.

Eric Carle's Christmas 123 is actually better than the previous book. I like the crisper, cleaner, more vibrant images!

Dream Snow. Ok. I'm going to be honest and say this is the only book on the list I haven't actually read all the way through (it's a bit wordy for my littles). However! It's an Eric Carle so it has beautiful images and my kids love sitting and lifting the flaps! 

Fisher-Price Little People: The Story of Christmas is such a fun idea! I love that this book is a good companion to the Fisher Price Little People Nativity Set. Anything that can make books and stories more tangible is a win in my book. The way the story is written could be used verbatim to narrate a play with your little people figurines.

The Christmas Story. This is exactly what it sounds like, except the words are simple and straight-forward. Gets the point across without a ton of words on a page. Perfect for littles. 

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